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Information on events and changes to the site will be posted here. Everyone should keep an eye on this board.

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Sub-board: Old Stuff


This board contains our site's rules and guides. Please make sure you look through these after joining. They are informative.

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Sub-board: Guides (Old)


We like to keep track of characters. Here, you will find lists that categorize each character by various attributes.

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If you have a question or need something confirmed, make a thread here. Staff and other members will reply when they can.

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Profiles & Development

New Character

It is there that you will submit your character profile for grading. Please read the guides first. Then when you're done with the profile, post in the notification thread.

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Sub-board: Forgotten Characters

Approved Characters

Once a character is approved, they will be moved here. And once that happens, you are free to roleplay to your heart's content.

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Sub-boards: Approved Female Character, Approved Male Characters, Old and Inactive Characters

Missions and Collections

This board is where missions will be posted up, and missions will be turned in for Jewels. We also store the old Adventure stuff here.

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'Leech Massacre'
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Sub-board: Completed Collections

Magic Shop

The Magic Shop Board consists of the Shop and Claims Counter. If you're buying or earning something, you'll usually get it here.

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'4 new B-Rank abilities.'
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Sub-boards: Approved Transactions, Completed Claims, Forgotten Transactions


Sometimes members will want to make changes to their profiles. Other times they will want to archive or unarchive a thread. Edits and archiving can be done here.

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Plots & Relationships

Partner Search

Looking for a thread to join? Made an open thread and want people to see it? Have an idea for a thread, but don't know if people will join? Post here!

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'LF1M for mission!'
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Sub-board: Archived

Character Plots

If you have an idea for a plot, or are searching for plots, look here. This board is set aside for any plot related discussions.

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'Offspring Season 3'
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Sub-boards: Plot Journal, History, Relationships

Group Plots

This board contains subboards for each of the major groups on the site. If a new subboard needs to be added, or a new GM needs moderation of their guild's board, they should PM Kalina or Solace.

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Sub-boards: Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Phoenix Grave, Raven Tail, Grimoire Heart, Quatro Cerberus, Rune Knights, Royalty

Towns of Fiore

Magnolia Town

Magnolia Town is the home of the guilds Fairy Tail and Raven Tail. It is located in the southeast of Fiore. That location has allowed it to become one of the largest merchant towns, and to become one of the largest cities in Fiore.

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Sub-boards: Raven Tail Guild Hall, Fairy Tail, Magnolia Hospital, East Forest

Onibas Town

This is a small town located between Magnolia and Clover Town. The two main attractions that keep people coming here are the theater and the mage's bar.

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Sub-boards: Onibus Theater, Onibus Bar

Port Hargeon

Hargeon is the second oldest town in Fiore. Other towns developed their magic, but this town, which is only 10% mage, has always focused on fishing and industry. These days most large ships going and coming from Fiore pass through this port. This is the location of Lamia Scale.

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Sub-boards: Lamia Scale Guild Hall, Marina

Shirotsume Town

Located at the base of Mount Hakobe is this prosperous town. Shirotsume displays a japanese culture. It is also known for its wealth, and the wealth of it citizens. There is not a powerful company in Fiore that is not led from this location.

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'an excuse to decapitate [Mission: Oddish, Aki]'
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The capital of the Kingdom of Fiore. Because the countries is a kingdom, it is proper that this splendid city surround the most luxurious of palaces: Mercurius.

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'Leech Massacre in the Square! [Mission//Noel]'
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Sub-board: Mercurius

Akane Town

Akane Town, also called Akane Resort, is a place where fun and play meshes with the arts. An amusement Park, a Casino, A Concert Hall, this town is always active. On the beach, on the Southern end of town, is the base of Phoenix Grave.

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Sub-boards: Phoenix Grave Studio, Akane Amusement Park, Akane Casino

Oak Town

Situated in Northeastern is this beautiful town. Oak Town is built on the side of a mountain. Rivers and forest pass through the town, for it was built with them in mind. Nature and wildlife are a theme here.

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'Where the Dragons Dwell [GK/Invite]'
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Magic Council Fiore Branch

This is where the Magic Council makes its decision. This is also the home of the Rune Knights. They train and work here, and the Rune Knight Prison is located here.

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'Under! Where? [AJ/Private]'
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Regions of Fiore

Web Valley

Web Valley is a canyon in Western Fiore. Recently beasts from this place have flourished and begun to attack the surrounding towns. They have even taken hold of Clover Town.

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'Web Cavern [Dungeon]'
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Sub-board: Ruins of Clover Town

Galuna Island

Galuna Island is positioned to the Southeast of Fiore. It is a massive island with no traces of life. Rumor has it that demons reside here, waiting to curse anyone unfortunate enough to land on their island. Grimoire Heart is Here.

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Sub-board: Grimoire Heart's Airship

Mount Hakobe

The majority of Fiore's northern border is this mountain. At its base it is covered in foliage and valleys, but not far up and the setting turns white. Climbing to the mountain's top is a well-received feat, but it's dangerous.

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'Ice Springs [Dungeon]'
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Kou Empire

Vermillion City

A royal city confined within castle-like walls that are nearly impenetrable. The most notable structure within the city is the Imperial Palace, where the royal family lives. The palace alone takes up nearly 1/3 of the entire city, while the ever-so-coveted military academy shares the rest with some of the wealthier, more politically known citizens whom serve the royal family.

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Sub-boards: Military Academy, Imperial Palace

He Ping Chun

Which directly translates to 'Village of Peace'. Though it isn't a village in the most traditional sense, the growing city is located outside the walls of the royal city. This is the place where most civilians live and make an honest living, though there are exceptions. Nonetheless, there are lots of small businesses all around.

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Sub-board: Street Market


Also known as the Valley of the Dead, and for good reason. Located towards the west of the Kou Empire, small encampments and excavation sites are usually being set up all over, but aside from that, this place is filled with sand, danger, camels and nothing pleasant.

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'The Sink Hole [Dungeon'
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Sub-board: Ruins in the West

Meshki Jungle

Located towards the east of the Kou Empire stands the intimidating Meshki forest. Acres upon acres of tall plants that make navigating almost impossible. This place is not recommended for the weak of heart, and for the weak of skills, for that matter. Who knows what lies within the depths of this dangerous jungle? Quatro Cerberus is here.

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Sub-boards: Gladiator's Colloseum , Quatro Cerberus Guild Hall

Battlefront - Wasteland

The fields near the borders of the Kou Empire. It was once a neutral village that specialized in plantations, but after the war, the only thing that remains are the debris and aftermath of what was a massacre. Rumored to be haunted, but that has yet to be proven.

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This is the capital of Magnostadt. It is a multilayered city, with floors leveled from 1-5. Level 1 can be entered only by the most powerful mage. Level 5 is restricted access for unknown reasons. The Magic School is located here.

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'the woman in the iron mask [open]'
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Sub-board: Mage Academy


A crystal city hidden within Magnostadt's Dark Forest. Those fortunate enough to find it will be greeted by magical fairies. Be warned, they enjoy performing pranks with their magic. Most aren't funny. A fairy must show a person how to get here before they can do threads here.

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Port Radiance

Port Radiance is a different kind of port than most are used to. There are no boats or ships floating on water; there are magical vessels ready to fly to far away countries. This city is known for its investments in transportation through vessels and portals.

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'Customs Office [Mission]'
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Waas Forest

A forest located in Northwestern Magnostadt, Northeastern Fiore. It is well-known that within the dense foliage is a world of unusual and magical creatures.

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'a little hydromantic [Artemis]'
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Dark Forest

The largest forest in Magnostadt. It covers the majority of the country's eastern side. The creatures here are much more powerful and eviler than those within Waas Forest. Rogue Witches have been seen here.

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'Dark Forest [Dungeon]'
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Earthland and Other Worlds


This is a small country located in Northern Fiore. It is composed of towns that have broken away from the Kingdom of Fiore. Those towns now rely on trade with one another to sustain themselves.

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'The Naga's Den [Dungeon]'
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Other Places

Do you want to roleplay somewhere that doesn't have a board? Then do it here. This is everywhere that doesn't have a home yet.

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'The Predator & The Prey [Skyle Laurent]'
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Edolas is a parallel world. Every place and every person that lives in Earthland has a double in this world. The catch is that the double is usually, in some manner, the opposite of the Earthland character. Edolas characters cannot use magic!

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Celestial Spirit World

Set in another dimension is the Celestial Spirit World. It is a chaotic place with almost no logic. The time here is abnormal, with a few hours equivalent to several months. Non-Celestial Spirits need to wear CS clothing to breathe here.

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Alternate Universe

This is an AU board. Few of the events that happen in here will be taken seriously. That is because anything can happen in this board. Characters can become shinigami, pokemon, trainers and more.

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Out of Character

Introduction / Outroduction

Here is a place for new members to introduce themselves, old members to reintroduce themselves and anyone to say their partings. Those with canons should become familiar with the sign out book.

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Sub-board: Archived I/O

General Chat

This is a community, so we have here a place where the community can chat outside of the cbox. Discuss topics unrelated to the site, but no advertising and no spamming.

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Sub-boards: Open Ended, Games

Artisans' Corner

This is a board for artist of all skill levels. Post anything you want to show off, and other members will give advice or critique. There are sub-boards for icons, fanfiction and coding shops.

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Sub-boards: Icons, Coding, Fanfiction


Advertisements / Affiliates Led by: Ad Mod

Our ad board. We do not accept ads from non animanga, game or fantasy sites. Also, we will delete ads if our ad code breaks on their site. We are guest friendly!

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Sub-boards: First In, Link Back & Settled

The Archive

Threads in boards without their own archives will be moved here come archiving time. In Chararacter threads will typically be archived every three months, but only those that have not had activity for a while.

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Sub-boards: Out of Character Archive, In Character Archive, 2.0 Work In Progress


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